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1400HP Supra Gettin’ Rowdy – Brutal Rolling Anti-lag!

In the car community, no matter if you like imports or domestics, trucks or cars, or some mix of all kinds of different factors, there is one list of machines that I think most enthusiasts can agree are incredibly respectable. No matter if you’re into the pickup truck or muscle car scene exclusively, I believe that a good portion of people who are into performance machines at all can agree that the Toyota Supra MKIV most certainly is a car that’s worthy of taking a second look at, especially when you consider how stout these machines can be built! Just taking a look at this 1400 hp turbo monster really has you wanting to see more Toyotas like this.

In this one, That Racing Channel takes the liberty of bringing us along for the ride with this boosted beast as it gets into the power band and really lays down some muscle on the streets. As they go along for a little bit of a cruise, the sounds coming from the Toyota really make you want to crank up that volume and watch this one a couple of times over. Once the car gets up on that brutal rolling anti-lag, you can’t help but drop your jaw to the floor, almost needing to use a prybar to get it back up again! This car really is that darn cool.

Follow along in the video below that gives you the true essence of what owning a 1400 hp Toyota Supra is really like and what kind of goodies it takes to get there. When a car is truly special, it’ll be able to make you smiler from ear to ear when you get behind the wheel and it looks like this is the machine has the ability to do just that. Even from this side of the camera, you can’t help but want to grin when that throttle cracks open and really tries to push the boost through the motor and to the rear tires. After checking this one out, be sure to tell us what you think of such a monstrous Supra as it hits the streets.