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Nigerian Teen Creates Complicated Hydraulic Equipment Models Out of Trash

For those looking for inspiration, it might just come at you from the most unlikely of places. In this story, we find a source of light that inspires us to create. It doesn’t come from a NASA engineer or a high-dollar race team. Instead, this time, we find inspiration in the form of a 15-year-old boy from Nigeria.

With a couple of his creations, he has used some basic bits to create amazing end products. This all comes with a collection of knowledge that has truly blown us away for his age. This kid is outperforming plenty of skilled adults with what he’s learned. All of it is coming from the most unlikely of places in his Nigerian home.

Some of his materials might’ve otherwise looked like trash. Using things like syringes, dilapidated laptop batteries, and basic electrical components, he has made miniaturized construction equipment come to life. With these pieces, he’s fashioned them together to create an excavator and a dump truck.

These machines are complete with hydraulic components and all. That’s something that most couldn’t even manage to do with a proper set of pieces. This kid managed to be resourceful enough to make it happen with something that might be able to be found in the trash! At the age of 15, we would be surprised if most children knew what hydraulics were.

In the future, he tells us that he plans on building a working payloader. He tells us that, in the future, he plans on being one of the world’s greatest inventors. In the right setting, we think that Hope Emmanuel Frank could truly be someone to change the world.

By following along with the clip below, we can get an up close and personal look at some of Hope’s accomplishments. It’s people like this teenager that can truly inspire the rest of us to learn and explore.