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Checking out the REAL 1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor (Gone in 60 Seconds!)

There are a lot of cars in pop culture that have made movies awesome. In fact, sometimes, the cars become even bigger characters than the characters themselves! Some of the best might be from the Fast and the Furious series or a classic like Bullitt. There are certainly a plethora of other iconic movie cars to choose from. It would be pretty entertaining to make a top list of some of the best!

In any case, a top list can’t even be talked about without Eleanor. The Shelby GT500 used in Gone in 60 Seconds really jumped off of the screen to take the movie to a new level. It’s inarguably the creme de la creme and needs to be considered near the top of such a list of cars.

In movies, there are a lot of examples of a car for different shots. For Eleanor, there were 11 to be exact. Some of these cars are only part way finished. Maybe they don’t have an engine or certain pieces aren’t finished. These cars are able to be used for the purpose of getting a certain angle.

“Hero cars,” on the other hand, are the most complete cars and are fully functioning. There were only three of them when it comes to Eleanore and Gone in 60 Seconds. We can’t say, for sure, if they’re all still alive or in great shape. In this one, though, we get to take a look at one heck of an awesome example. We even get to look under the hood which they don’t even do in the movie!

This time, Supercar Blondie dives inside one of the three. Long story short, this thing is sharp! In fact, people thought that it was so sharp that it’s one of the most replicated movie cars ever. Find out what makes this one unique by riding along with the review down below!