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15-Year-Old Kid Learning to Drive Plows Through Mom and Dad’s Garage Door

For most of us who have a driver’s license, we can remember some of those first steps that it took to get there. Sure, for the majority, they might’ve gone straight to the professionals in order to procure their licenses, however, maybe a couple of us had a little bit of help from someone like mom and dad when they decided to take us out and give us a couple of pointers before that big day came. It’s certainly a milestone moment and one that many parents want their kids to be prepared for, along with making it memorable. However, every once in a while, things can certainly go awry.

This time, we catch up with a clip that showcases the situation gone completely wrong when a 15-year-old was getting ready to perhaps go out and get a license, when a moment would unfold in his lap that he wouldn’t soon be forgetting. Sure, this memory might sting for a little bit but we would be so inclined to think that years from now, this family will probably be joking about the whole fiasco. We’re honestly not quite sure that this youngster is going to ever be able to live this one down at pretty much any family function that might happen.

By following along with the clip below, we get to ride along with the moment thanks to a conveniently placed camera that captured the entire thing as somehow, the youngster managed to do just the wrong thing, plowing straight through the garage door, completely dislodging it from its tracks. Entirely apologetic, it’s almost hard to not feel bad for this kid here as one slip up took something pretty exciting and threw it through a swift turn, seemingly making the youngster feel kind of bad. Don’t worry, young man. Shake it off! You’ll be sure to get them next time.