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16-Year-Old Birthday Surprise Gone Wrong

16-Year-Old Birthday Surprise Gone Wrong

At sixteen, getting your first set of wheels is a right of passage that brings you one step closer to the real world and in many situations, like this one, parents will do their best to make this first car a gift.

With this situation, we’re not sure that these parents would expect the way that their son would react to the Chevrolet S10 that they were giving him… or maybe they did!

Staged or not, this hilarious scenario has a sixteen-year-old kid beating the life out of his gifted $200 truck while hundreds of thousands of dollars in cars sit in the driveway.

What do you think of this case? The fact that the truck looks like it’s ready for the scrap yard tells us that this is a hoax, but maybe these parents just wanted to instill hard work in their son.