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16-Year-Old Steals Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

The next time that you speak to someone of high school age, imagine them attempting to pull off a stunt that’s nothing short of one of the most extravagant you’d see in Grand Theft Auto or one of your favorite spy movies. A young man by the name of Max Wade had just those plans and he even managed to carry out some of them as he had managed to make enough of the plan come together to the point where he was able to highjack celebrity chef, Guy Fieri’s, bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo and wheel it around town, even taking time to brag about carrying out the crime and pulling off a couple of selfies while in the driver’s seat.

This isn’t where the story ends, however, as this kid had lots of plans and, if what’s reported in this news story is true, your mind might just be blown as the story includes drugs, guns, fake IDs, and even a plan that involved repelling into a San Fransisco dealership to carry out a heist that seems to be way beyond his years. It’s stories like this that make you take a second look at everyone and wonder just what they’re capable of. Without this story, you’d never believe that a high school student would be capable of any of this!

Check out the video below that includes an entire news report that spills all the beans on what this 16-year-old was able to accomplish. If this kid managed to put this much effort into something productive, he might even be out of jail at this time and doing something bigger than life itself! He might have even put together enough money to buy this Lamborghini without the need to steal it and, of course, the consequences that went along with getting caught.