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$182m Super Yacht Lost in a Bet – It Has a Helicopter and Three Smaller Yachts Onboard!

If you want to feel bad about where you’re at in life, then we’ve found just the story for you! For most of us, a trip to the casino might happen on rare occasion. Blowing a couple hundred bucks is something that we will be thinking about all week. However, some people have so much money, that they probably wouldn’t even notice if a couple of hundred bucks made its way right out of their pocket.

This time, we check out quite the sum for gambling. Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich, is known for many things. The billionaire owns an investment company along with being a politician. He’s so rich that he saw it fit to use his $182 million boat as a wager with a business partner. We would’ve loved to be in the room as those negotiations were going down. It’s simply hard to imagine the conversation that leads up to a bet worth hundreds of millions.

Long story short, Abramovich would lose the bet and the yacht now belongs to his business partner. Hopefully, this business partner is a good sport and still allows Abramovich to spend some time on the boat. This thing is a sight for sore eyes as it looks to offer up plenty of space to accomplish, well, anything.

By following along with the video below, we get to see some shots of the massive vessel. Sizing it up, the 426ft boat has accommodations for everything from a helipad to a full-sized sailboat onboard. As if that wasn’t enough, there are two additional 36-foot sports boats hanging out for good measure. Many would consider the sailboat or sports boats aboard to be yachts themselves.

If we were to pick something to put in the dictionary next to “ridiculous excess,” this would be it! The fact that it changed hands in a bet makes the story even better!