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1970 Chevelle SS454 Is Pulled To Safety From The Collapsed Barn

I’m going to warn you now, if you love domestic hotrods, this may be hard for you to watch. While some may be horrified by what you’re seeing, others may weep tears of joy, but if you love classic Detroit iron, this is liable to hit you hard.

There isn’t much to this video to be honest, it’s quite literally just a few moments of footage of a Chevelle being dragged out of a barn that seemingly collapsed on top of it. While the car itself is beaten, rusted and basically a shell of what it once was, there does appear to be enough remaining to possibly form the basis of a great rebuild story.

The Chevelle 454 SS is one of the most iconic cars to ever roll off of a GM assembly line, a classic ride with that distinctive Chevelle silhouette and quad headlight design. The car was capable of deep-13 second quarter mile times in completely stock form, putting it on par with the 4th gen F-Body that brought about GM’s return to prominence in the performance world. With 454 cubic inches of big block LS6 power under the hood, the SS cranked out 450 horsepower, making it the most powerful engine available at the time.

These cars came with either Muncie M22 four speed manual transmissions or the M40 automatic and all featured a limited slip rear differential. To get the LS6 engine required customers to order the RPO Z15 package, which included some chrome accessories under the hood, dual exhaust, power front disk brakes and some suspension upgrades. This ensured the car was worthy of the LS6, which cost an additional $263 with the RPO LS6 454 package.

Seeing one of these cars in such terrible condition is not easy, to be sure, but the right crew working diligently could certainly return the car to its former glory. Let’s just hope that’s what lies ahead for this barn find.