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Iconic Muscle Catharsis – 1970 Dodge Charger 440 Cold Start and Idle Sound

There are certain cars in an automotive culture that we all just have to come together over. I’m not sure that there is a single car enthusiast that could look at something like a 1970 Dodge Charger and find a way to dislike it. Okay, I digress. There are definitely different strokes for different folks but we think you get where we’re going with this one.

As time goes on, automotive culture as we know it gets much more complex. That’s not always a bad thing, either. In fact, the complexity of technology has given us all sorts of creature comforts. I think that there are plenty of people out there who enjoy their fair share of Apple Carplay while their cooled seats are making their ride much more enjoyable.

Before all of the electronics, though, there was an age of simplicity. I almost feel like my father as I write this one. However, he was always right when he said that there was something special about those cars that you could work on with nothing more than a set of wrenches and a can of WD-40. There’s really a place in our hearts for these mechanical monsters. They’re simple yet also find a way to remain intimidating.

This time, we get to really feast our eyes and ears on one of the most popular muscle cars of all time. As the Dodge Charger is fired up, the grumble practically sends a chill down our spines. All 440 cubic inches of power in this one contribute to the experience that really has our hearts singing out for this car.

A video like this might be a simple experience. After all, it’s nothing more than your traditional exhaust clip. However, the content speaks so much more than just that. We think that “cathartic” would probably begin to explain it all.