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1973 Dodge Charger Rescued Perfectly After Almost Half a Century!

It’s pretty crazy to think about how, at any given moment, there are probably a plethora of desirable cars around the world that have just simply been forgotten about. Whether they sit in garages or fields abroad, there are millions of dollars in high end automobiles or collectible machines that have built up a little bit of a patina of neglect over the years.

With these machines, there are certainly two categories. On one hand, we have the cars and trucks that can stand to be revived once again. Perhaps, it might take a little bit of money and elbow grease, however, this group of vehicles might be able to see the road again one day. On the other hand, we have cars that are simply too far gone. While most of us would love to revive every car out there, that’s simply not an option in many cases.

This time, we find an old-school Dodge Challenger that has been neglected for a very long time. It’s pretty obvious by the amount of rust that has collected around this vehicle. However, it’s getting a little bit of attention to deem if it’s potentially something that could be revived and brought back to life.

Regardless of if this thing ever makes a full recovery or not, we can all be excited about what we’re seeing here. When we join the car, it certainly looks like it has seen better days. In fact, it almost looks like this thing is a goner. However, with a little bit of attention, it isn’t long before the car is up and running. In fact, we learned that this is the first time that the machine has breathed life in over three decades, 35 years to be a little bit more exact.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with the process that begins to bring this incredible machine back to life once again.