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$2.2 million Ferrari Found In Japan After 40 Years in the Dark

The guys at Sotheby’s know how to put together a great video when it comes to showing off items to be featured in their auctions. For their recent special auction, Ferrari – Leggenda e Passione which was held in the historic automaker’s home city of Maranello, Italy, the world famous auction house had one very special car to roll across the block, and to promote the  event they put together this video showcasing the amazing one-of-a-kind Ferrari that many believed was nothing more than a unicorn.

However, after being tucked away in the corner of a barn in Japan for nearly four decades, the car was discovered and brought back to Italy to be properly re-homed to a collection deserving of such a unique ride.

The car itself, a 1969 Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 Alloy. What makes it so special is the aluminum body and the fact that, at least according to what I can find, this is the only one of these models known in existence, making it a truly unique automobile, by definition.

The car would roll across the auction block and sell for the handsome price of 1.8 million pounds, a price that I have to admit seemed like a bit of a bargain, but the car did sell in the exact condition it was found, including the dirt. As the narrator points out in the video, there’s a very real chance the tires are still filled with the original air that was pumped into them when the car left the factory all the way back in 1969.

The main attraction at the auction, at least as far as selling price, was a 2017 Laferrari Aperta, which sold for the ridiculous price of 8.3 million pounds. The car wore a unique livery that is to be unveiled at the automaker’s 70th anniversary celebration. Of course, the Aperta is the most technologically advanced Ferrari, and perhaps most advanced car ever built period, so if there’s ever been a car to spend 11 million US dollars on, that just might be the one.