20 Super Rare High Value Items That You Might Find in Your Closet

When it comes to the crew from Pawn Stars or any pawn shop for that matter, it could ...

When it comes to the crew from Pawn Stars or any pawn shop for that matter, it could be a pretty exciting job. Not only is every day different but they absolutely never know what’s going to come into the shop. One day, things can be very quiet but the next, maybe they end up finding somebody who’s willing to sell an incredibly desirable item at a good price.

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When you have the massive appeal that the Pawn Stars reality show does, naturally, there’s going to be some pretty awesome items that become available. While it can be difficult to get to the bottom of exactly what the value is, there is certainly going to be some gold that shows up – just make sure it isn’t fool’s gold!

This time, we check in with the guys from Pawn Stars as they show off 20 super rare and high-value items that they ended up coming across. In typical Pawn Stars fashion, it isn’t just a negotiation but instead, we even get some expert analysis to really break down these items and speak on their history. It’s neat to not only know what these things are worth but also what it is that makes them worth so much money. In fact, there are some that might even be collecting dust in the back of your closet!

Down in the video below, we get to lay our eyes on some really cool finds. While there are definitely some disappointing items that show up to the shop every now and then, this video doesn’t have any of those in sight. Instead, we get a feeling that a lot of folks tuning in with this one might even find at least a couple of things here that they want to take home for themselves!

Not taking home everything that comes in is probably one of the more difficult parts of the job for someone who owns a pawn shop!

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