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20 Car Snowy Pileup On Missouri Highway, Closed For Hours

20 Vehicles Involved in Snowy Pileup on Missouri Highway, Closed for Hours

The weather was brutal as a snowstorm hit Missouri this past weekend. Authorities would request that motorist avoid Interstate 70 in Eastern Jackson and Lafayette Counties as cars would struggle to make their way down the highway without fault. While it all started out with a single collision, the situation would eventually spiral out of control into something that nobody could figure out how to handle. It was a sort of sitting duck situation as motorists could do nothing but sit there or leave their vehicles on the highway and wait to see what would happen next.

The situation would get quite intense as a video filmed from a stranded tractor-trailer shows car after car not being able to stop. Low visibility conditions along with the slick roadway would cause the situation to grow to the point where eventually 20 cars would be involved. Delays apparently lasted for up to six hours as officials attempted to figure out the safest way to remedy the situation along with getting the vehicles out of harm’s way. Local news source, KCTV News 5 reports that at the time of the incident, conditions were near whiteout.

After the fact, reports would also show that two people were injured in the incident and their status is unknown. As conditions can very quickly change and put motorists in a similar situation, one should always be prepared. Even if it’s just a plan as to where to position oneself, having an idea of what to do is the best way to approach a situation like this. With that said, KCTV tells us that ” If you do find yourself in a crash or in a slide-off it’s important that you stay inside your vehicle. If you’re on the road, that’s the worst place you can be. So, get off the road and wait for help to get to you.”


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