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Can a 20-Year-Old Lamborghini Go 200 MPH?

Even in today’s landscape, the concept of 200 MPH is rather mind-blowing. Sure, modern technology and engineering could take plenty of cars to that milestone. However, we would venture to say that 99.9% of people have never been there in their lives. Until technology keeps on its upward trend, it’s going to be quite some time before most will ever get there.

Long story short: Being able to achieve such a milestone is really something to write home about and sure to be a feeling like no other.

In the case of Rob Dahm, his 200 mph experience plays out like something out of a storybook. Rob sat down with VINWiki to tell the story of his brush with 200. The tale wouldn’t play out like many others, though, as the star would be a 20-year-old Lamborghini.

As a child, Dahm First saw the Lamborghini Diablo in the Guinness Book of World Records. It seems like almost immediately, he was hooked to the appearance of the car and eventually would learn what it could do. From there, Dahm says that he made his goal to eventually purchase the car and achieve this speed record for himself.

In his travels, he would eventually learn that achieving 200 MPH is a lot more difficult than it sounds. He informs us that he’s been to 180 MPH on a variety of occasions. However, that extra 20 MPH to the 200-mark is an entirely different world. Dahm remarks that running out of road is definitely a concern and he also comments on how long it takes to get there. Of course, he fills us in on how the car feels at those speeds as well.

By following along with the story below from VINWiki, you almost feel like you’re sitting right next to Dahm as he eclipses the 200-mark in the classic Lamborghini.