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200 MPH or BUST – Everything is a Blur When a 1500 HP GT-R Goes Wide Open!

When it comes to the ability to reach a staggering 200 mph, it’s really something that many may struggle to fathom. In fact, many who have gone these sorts of speeds well tell the story of the whole new world that opens up for them  once their car eclipses that 200 mph mark. At that point, the ride in question might as well turn into a rocketship on wheels!

Not only is the feeling different but the level of vehicle that it takes to get to such heights is insane as well. Everything has to be in the exact right order for such a milestone to be passed. Otherwise, I don’t think that we really need to spell out just how dangerous things could be if something were to go wrong as speed approach the three-digit mark.

This time, though, we check in with an experience that really gives off the feeling of the marvel of being able to travel at such speeds. In this one, we join in with Speed Society’s own Mike aka “The Wrench” as he takes on the half-mile at the Shift Sector Airstrip Attack with the help of James Wie of ACG automotive.

For those who have never been treated to the 200 mph experience, this is about to be a good one. By tuning in with the video below from the Speed Society YouTube channel, they’ll feel the sheer power of a 1500 hp R35 Nissan GT-R really comes to life. There’s something special about a half-mile airstrip attack that Shift Sector puts on that allows drivers to really rip on their cars, living life at wide open throttle as drivers are able to go all out for an extended period of time and truly see what their ride is capable of. When that 200 mph mark hits, things really come to life