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2004 Interview Shows Elon Musk Talking About Plans of Space Travel

If I said the name “Elon Musk” back in 2004, there probably wouldn’t be too many people who knew who I was talking about. Sure, Musk had developed his name enough to be associated with top tech moguls. He had even found enough success that mainstream television networks wanted to talk to him. However, that success was nothing compared to the household name status that he carries in 2020.

16 years ago, though, Musk was just a man who seemed like he had plenty of ideas and the motivation to match. That would be nothing, though, without being able to execute. Little did the world know that he would follow through on those ideas in a big way. Musk would be behind some of the biggest technological advancements that the world has to offer. These days, Musk is a front runner in several different industries. It has even been taken to the point where some call him a real-life Ironman.

From cars that drive themselves to space transportation, the man has been attached to the future in plenty of facets. This time, though, we take a ride back in time. In this 2004 interview, we get to see just where some of these ideas had developed from. Surely, this wasn’t the original jumping-off point. However, it gives us an idea of where Musk was and what he was planning to accomplish. There was certainly a lot of road in front of him to become what he has managed to today.

As we look back on an interview like this, it proves to be rather inspirational. It just goes to show how somebody can rise through the ranks and accomplish whatever they want. We would say that the sky is the limit but with SpaceX, Musk is proving that it doesn’t even have to stop there!

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