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Dale Jr Has Powerful Conversation With Bubba Wallace

There is absolutely no denying that tensions are high as 2020 moves forward. As it relates to race relations, the concept has found its way to dominate headlines across the country.

Naturally, as an individual person, it can be difficult to completely immerse yourself in the shoes of another.

Without trying to sound like I’m getting all preachy, I would have to say that the minimum that we can try to do as human beings is to attempt to understand one another. Generally speaking, most of life’s conflicts arise due to things like miscommunication or misunderstanding. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Doing something as simple as communicating with other people and trying to understand can go a long way toward carrying the ball to the endzone.

This time, we join in with the Dale Junior Download as this collection of folks attempts to do just that. When it comes to NASCAR in this day and age, Bubba Wallace is the lone black racer on the circuit. As such, this affords him a powerful opportunity to be able to speak to a demographic that otherwise might not hear his message. Naturally, the majority of NASCAR skews white and Wallace has earned his way to a platform to try to help people see things as he does.

This time, Wallace hops on Junior’s podcast and talks a little bit about race relations in America. In this segment, we hear a little bit about his personal struggles as it relates to being an African American. Dale Jr. also chats a little bit with Bubba about how exactly one would go about opening up a conversation. At the end of the day, talking about things can provide a lot of clarity. Hopefully, when the dust settles, the conversation can end up being a productive one.