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200HP CBR1000 Mini Bike Engine Swapped, Ride Of Your Life!

Ever dreamt of turning an everyday mini bike into a roaring beast of a machine? Well, (gluewilldo) my friends and I took that dream and ran with it. What started as a modest weekend project quickly spiraled into something much grander. They transformed a 199cc Coleman CT200U into a 200 horsepower monster by swapping in a 2009 Repsol CBR1000 engine. The result? An exhilarating ride that redefines what you can expect from a mini bike. In this article, they walk you through the build process, the challenges they faced, and the sheer thrill of the first drive. Buckle up, because this is going to be one wild ride!

BUM Taylor Gilreath

The Genesis of the Project

The Inspiration

The idea to build a 200-horsepower mini bike came during one of their regular garage sessions. They were chatting about the potential of mini bikes and how much fun it would be to supercharge one. Someone jokingly suggested putting a superbike engine into a mini bike frame. What started as a laugh quickly turned into a serious project plan.

“Our mini bike started life as a Coleman CT200u that we bought for $500. It made 5hp and was a blast to drive but we blew it up jumping a couch… so we decided to put a 2009 CBR1000 engine in it. The process wasn’t all that hard, we used a carjack to widen the frame and retrofitted a Subaru fuel pump into an old school gas tank for our fuel system, after that we reinforced the upper section of the original frame with 1.25 1/8th inch thick steel everything else is essentially stock it still drives like a mini bike but will do 115 mph in first gear so you essentially never have to shift” – William Greenway

Finding the Right Bike

They needed a sturdy and reliable base for our project, and the Coleman CT200U fit the bill perfectly. It’s a solid mini bike known for its durability and ease of customization. Coming across a mint condition model that had seen very little use. The 199cc engine was in perfect working order, but they had much bigger plans for this little machine.

The Heart of the Beast: 2009 CBR1000 Engine

Why the CBR1000?

The 2009 Repsol CBR1000 engine is a powerhouse, delivering nearly 200 horsepower. It’s a marvel of engineering, known for its high performance and reliability. They managed to source a used engine in excellent condition from a wrecked CBR1000. This engine was perfect for the project, providing the kind of power and thrill we wanted to achieve.

The Swap Process


The first step in the swap process was stripping down the Coleman CT200U to its bare frame. They removed the original 199cc engine and all unnecessary components. This gave them a clean slate to work with and allowed them to assess the modifications needed to fit the CBR1000 engine.

Frame Reinforcement

The Coleman CT200U frame was never designed to handle the power of a 1000cc engine, so they had to reinforce it significantly. Welding additional support bars and using high-strength steel to ensure the frame could withstand the immense torque and horsepower of the new engine.

Engine Mounting

Mounting the CBR1000 engine looked to be a little challenging. The engine is much larger and heavier than the original 199cc engine. BUM fabricated custom engine mounts and brackets, ensuring the engine was securely in place and aligned correctly with the drive system.

Transmission and Drive System

The original drive system of the Coleman CT200U was incompatible with the CBR1000 engine. They had to modify the transmission and design a custom drive system. This included a new chain and sprocket setup that could handle the increased power and provide smooth power delivery to the rear wheel.

Electrical and Control Systems, Wiring

Integrating the CBR1000’s complex electrical system into the mini bike was a meticulous task. William and Taylor had to rewire the entire bike, ensuring all components worked seamlessly together. This included the ignition system, throttle controls, and all necessary sensors.


To monitor the bike’s performance, they installed a digital dashboard. This setup provides real-time data on speed, RPM, temperature, and other critical metrics. It was crucial to have a reliable system to keep an eye on the engine’s performance during rides.

First Drive: An Unforgettable Experience, Initial Testing

After completing the build, they conducted several tests to ensure everything was functioning correctly. Checked the engine alignment, tested the brakes, and made sure the electrical system was working flawlessly. Once they were confident everything was in order, it was time for the first drive.

BUM William Greenway

Hitting the Road

The moment Will twisted the throttle for the first time, he knew we had created something extraordinary. The CBR1000 engine roared to life, propelling the mini bike forward with an incredible surge of power. We can only imagine the acceleration was instantaneous and exhilarating.


The performance of our 1000cc swapped mini bike was nothing short of spectacular. It could reach speeds that were unimaginable for a mini bike. The power-to-weight ratio was phenomenal, making it incredibly responsive and agile. The custom drive system provided smooth power delivery, allowing for precise control even at high speeds.

Challenges on the Road

Riding such a powerful mini bike comes with its own set of challenges. The sheer power of the engine required a firm grip and quick reflexes. The brakes, although upgraded, needed careful handling to ensure safe stops. Additionally, the bike’s lightweight frame meant it could easily become unstable if not ridden with care.

Lessons Learned

Building the 1000cc swapped mini bike taught them a lot about engineering, teamwork, and the importance of meticulous planning. Every step of the build process required careful consideration and problem-solving. They learned the value of patience and perseverance, especially when facing unexpected challenges.

The Joy of Creation

The joy of seeing their creation come to life is unmatched.! The project brought their team closer together, and the thrill of the first drive was a testament to their hard work and dedication. This is a reminder of why we love tinkering with machines and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible here at Speed Society.

Future Projects

We can imagine the success of the 1000cc swapped mini bike has inspired them to take on more ambitious projects. We’re sure the experience gained from this project will undoubtedly help them in future endeavors. They documented the entire build process and first drive on their YouTube channel, BUM, sharing their journey with fellow enthusiasts.


Building a 200-horsepower mini bike is a thrilling adventure that combines creativity, engineering, and a love for speed. Starting with a humble Coleman CT200U and transforming it into a beast with a 2009 CBR1000 engine was no small feat. Their journey was filled with challenges, but the reward was an unforgettable ride and a sense of accomplishment. Their first drive of the 1000cc swapped mini bike must have been an exhilarating experience that showcased the power of innovation and teamwork. We hope their story inspires others to take on their projects and push the limits of what’s possible. If you’re interested in seeing their build in action, check out the video on YouTube. Stay tuned for more exciting projects from BUM!