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2017 Bentley Bentayga head lamp washer system

When you purchase a brand-new Bentley or even one that happens to be a couple years old, you’re going to be spending some big money to put this thing in your driveway. It is, after all, just another car so what exactly makes it worth so much money? It isn’t exactly the most potent performance machine on the market or something that differentiates itself all that much from many machines that compete with it for market share. Therefore, Bentley saw it necessary to throw a couple of unique little extravagant touches into the car to at least let the people who slide their way into a vehicle like this think that they spent all that money for a good reason.

In this one, we check out a little featurette that outlines the 2017 Bentley Bentayga and one of its unique features, one that you don’t see too widely spread across the automotive market and that is its headlamp washer system. I’m not sure if you don’t really see it because it’s not something that’s really all that useful or because it’s too expensive to justify what it does but in any case, the excessive little toy is definitely something that’s neat to look at.

Check out the video demo below that shows off the washer system that might just be a little bit too excessive to believe! We weren’t able to find an option price for this little feature but you would think that, at almost a quarter of a million dollars, this headlamp washer would definitely come standard on such a machine. What are you think of this feature that differentiates the Bentley from the pack? Do you ever see yourself in a position where you’d need to use a set of headlight washers to make sure that you could polish up those lenses?