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Dyno Tuning Without Blowing Up Your Car – How it’s Done

One of the most heartbreaking things a gearhead will ever encounter is watching his car’s engine destroy itself while it’s still in the tuning phase. Junior Barrios has been in the tuning game for a decade and a half and has built a stellar reputation based on his countless satisfied customers. Even more impressive, Junior continues to maintain that reputation in today’s “Love you today, hate you tomorrow because of something they read on Facebook” environment, proving that he really does get it right almost every time.

Junior has been behind several record-breaking rides and knows what it takes to go fast, but he also knows how important it is for a combination to survive at higher power levels, which is incredibly important if you want to go rounds during a race. It’s one thing to hit a home run on the first pass and grenade the engine on the second, it’s entirely different to lay down killer number after killer number and win the event.

Luckily, Junior is willing to share some advice for other up and coming tuners out there who may be having trouble keeping engines together while making max horsepower. He doesn’t give away any actual parameters, so if you’re thinking you’ll slide in and swipe some of his tuning expertise, you’ll be disappointed. However, if you want to understand the mentality it takes and the correct approach to tuning from the beginning to the end, you just might find this video useful.

Sit back and hit that play button and learn about what it’s taken for Junior to get where he is today and how you can put some of his tips to work to help you in your own tuning endeavors. Or perhaps you’re looking for a tuner for your car, in which case this just might be a great decision maker when you see the care and thought that Barrios puts into each car he tunes.