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2017 Earth Roamer XV-LTS Ford F-550: The Ultimate $500,000 Off-Road RV?

We’ve seen versions of the Earth Roamer offroad RV before, and one question that always comes up is about the price, which seems high for an RV that’s based on a pickup truck frame. Running between $430,000 and $570,000, that does seem pricey. However, after watching this in-depth tour of Earth Roamer’s latest rig, we have to say the price makes a little more sense and seems a lot more reasonable.

This RV combines the best of offroad capability with the finest luxury living quarters into a gorgeous RV that is certainly capable of going places few other RV’s will go while keeping the occupants completely surrounded by opulence. The Earth Roamer team has done a stellar job of utilizing every square inch of spare space to make the XV-LTS model incredibly efficient without making it feel cramped or complicated like many other brands. It’s obvious throughout the walkthrough that there is a great deal of though behind this design. The chassis itself is a Ford F-550 chassis that has been outfitted with an articulating air ride system, giving the driver complete control over the suspension to level the rig when driving and when parked on an uneven surface. There’s a fully functional outdoor kitchen and the rear of the Earth Roamer is full of various sized storage compartments.

Inside, the RV has the look of a high-end luxury RV. There’s plenty of space to move about the floorplan. The common-sense approach to space management is even more apparent in the sleeping quarters, where everything has a place and every place has a thing, once again pointing to a knack for efficiency in managing the limited space without making the occupants feel cramped or requiring a degree in engineering to use all of the amenities. We certainly hope to see one of these rigs in person and check it our for ourselves some day. Maybe we can even rent or borrow one for a Speed Society group camping trip!