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This is How They Put The Wheels on the GIANT Ford Dually!

Even if you aren’t privy to what happens in the world of off-road trucks, there is a very good chance that you have caught James and his jacked up Ford Platinum dually as It has become known as the truck that has broken the Internet, garnering millions upon millions of views across social media platforms and snatching the attention of so many people that it might just blow your mind – yeah, it’s really that big of a deal.

When you see this thing up close and personal, you can probably get a pretty good idea of why it has put together the popularity that it managed to. This thing really goes above and beyond when it comes to the machine’s ability to put on a show! The truck is so fresh and new in so many ways that it couldn’t help but go viral.

This time, the guys at Triple-X Motorsports and Outdoors, the ones  who originally made the footage that made this truck blow up so much, get an opportunity to catch up with the owner, James, and his truck once again to see exactly where it’s at, what he thinks of all the attention, and all of the changes that he has been making to make this thing even more awesome!

Follow along in the video down below that captures some action from Brick’s Off-Road Park as James puts this big and bad Ford through every last pace to make it keep up with that viral reputation that it has gathered.

If the last video wasn’t enough for you and made you think of this truck was some sort of a pavement princess, the action that it gets put through in this one really shows you that this big brute is something special that shouldn’t be taken as a show truck that does nothing more than look pretty. This thing is about the action!