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2017 LSFest West Autocross! May 5-7 Las Vegas Motor Speedway

If you’re a nut for everything late model GM and newer, then Holley LS Fest is the place for you. The event has always promised to bring some of the hardest hitting performance and show machines together for one big shindig that will let your inner enthusiast really come out!

This time, the guys over at Holley have decided to pick up the festivities from Bowling Green and take them out to the west coast to see what kind of LS powered cars the area has to offer as everyone congregates out in the city of lights in Las Vegas!

Among the events that will be going down, you can expect to see an LS powered autocross that will have drivers laying into the turns and attempting to muscle their cars around the track to gather the best time possible and outrun everyone else who is going toe-to-toe with them.

Holley’s official rundown of the event goes a little something like this: “Do you think your car or truck handles well? Then put it to the test on the LS Fest West autocross course. The autocross is a low speed competition designed to highlight the handling, acceleration and braking of your ride. The wide sweepers, tight hairpins, chicanes, and slalom sections of the course will keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish and put your driving skills to the test. See below for class rules and safety requirements! The autocross at LS Fest West will be taking place on a portion of the parking lot just behind the drag race grandstands at the facility.”

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