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2019 Dodge Ram 3500 Spotted in the Wild

As car and truck enthusiasts, we can tend to get a little bit excited about the latest and greatest model of a vehicle dropping. Therefore, any little glimpse or chance to capture a detail of an up-and-coming truck is really one that has our eyes glued to the screen to see what kind of information comes flying at us next. While, to most, they probably don’t get the hoopla behind trying to figure out what exactly the next generation is going to look like, we know the feeling of not being able to wait as detail after detail is released on the next rendition of one of your favorite vehicles on the street.

This time, we get yet another chance to take a camouflaged look at the next rendition of Ram trucks, the heavy duty truck, to be more particular, is a 3500 series is spotted rolling down the street with a thick coat of black camouflage on the front and probably a little bit of foam installed in order to disguise the true shape of what this truck is going to look like. The suspense is really killing us to wait and see the complete line of Ram trucks when they come out later this year and to be frank, we’re not sure if teasers like this make it better or worse.

Anyway, if you’re the type who prefers to see little tidbits of information for these trucks coming out, be sure to check out the video below that shows you what the 2019 Ram 3500 might be looking like as yet another drab of information sneaks its way on the internet. The crazy part about the Internet is that no matter what you’re looking for, it seems like there are cameras absolutely everywhere which allow you to be treated to little bits of sneak peaks like these.


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