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New Petition Launched To Block ’24 Vegas Grand Prix

LAS VEGAS — As the countdown to the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix begins, local business owners are launching a determined campaign to thwart the event, citing significant financial losses and logistical disruptions caused by race preparations.

With just six months remaining until the scheduled start of the Grand Prix on November 21, preparations are already well underway, including the sale of tickets to eager fans. However, amidst the excitement, a new petition has emerged, aiming to sway Clark County Commissioners to reconsider granting the necessary Special Use Permit to Formula 1.

The crux of the matter lies in the adverse impact that the Grand Prix has had on local businesses, with reports of losses exceeding $30 million attributed to the controversial race preparation setup. Business owners, still reeling from the aftermath of the 2023 event, are adamant that their concerns must be addressed before permitting the 2024 Grand Prix to proceed.

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Gino Ferraro, the owner of Ferraro’s Ristorante, expressed frustration at F1’s apparent disregard for the plight of affected businesses. “To date, F1 has not held a public meeting or even sat in a room with all of us together who lost millions in 2023,” Ferraro lamented. “F1 is selling tickets and moving ahead as if these issues do not exist, as if we do not exist. My family restaurant has been here for 39 years; we matter.”

Another business owner, Madgy Amer, recounted the devastating impact of the 2023 Grand Prix on his establishment, Tex Mex Tequila, which ultimately led to its closure. “I do not want to see anyone else suffer like we did during the F1 race, and we ultimately could not take the revenue losses and had to close,” Amer stated. “F1 needs to be held accountable, and the 2024 race will have the same result unless something is done to not impact the Las Vegas Strip; its employees, visitors, and businesses.”

The petition, spearheaded by concerned business owners, outlines several key reasons for opposing the Grand Prix:

Negative Impact on Local Businesses: Contrary to the purported economic benefits, hosting the Las Vegas Grand Prix has resulted in significant losses for small businesses, strip employees, and transportation companies. The event disrupts normal business operations, leading to decreased foot traffic and revenue interruptions.

Traffic Congestion and Disruption: The closure of the Resort Corridor and the construction of a bridge at Flamingo and Koval disrupt the city’s transportation flow, inconveniencing residents, tourists, and employees alike. The resulting traffic congestion poses logistical challenges and further exacerbates revenue losses for businesses.

Community Input and Transparency: The decision to host such a large-scale event should involve transparent communication and active participation from the community. However, the lack of meaningful consultation with residents and stakeholders raises concerns about accountability and the democratic process.

In conclusion, the business owners’ statement calls upon authorities to heed their concerns and take immediate action to halt the organization of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. With the city’s well-being and the interests of its residents at stake, they argue that community welfare must always take precedence.

In light of previous reporting on the challenges faced by local businesses due to race-related construction, including water main leaks and road closures, the pushback against the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix underscores the ongoing tension between economic interests and the pursuit of high-profile sporting events. As the debate rages on, the fate of the Grand Prix hangs in the balance, with both supporters and opponents awaiting a resolution.