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The 2020 GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson is a Ridiculous $95,000 Themed Truck From GM

When it comes to getting trucks sold and turning a profit, automotive manufacturers will try all sorts of different wacky combinations. Some of these end up fading into obscurity while others manage to really hit their marks and hang around for a while.

Years ago, we would watch as Harley-Davidson paired with Ford to come up with a collaborative Ford F-150. At the time, maybe some didn’t understand it but years later, we see that the combination would go on to have a relatively successful run. It has been two decades since the first Harley truck hit the streets in the year 2000.

All these years later, we still see the collaborations with Harley-Davidson unfolding. In fact, they have even spread out to include other truck manufacturers as well. As we see in this one, General Motors also has gotten in on the motorcycle truck collaboration game. The model in question is none other than a 2020 GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson.

With a truck like this, it started off life as a $62,000 GMC Sierra SLT. However, with a plethora of modifications, the truck would evolve its way into a $95,000 motorcycle theme truck. I guess that one might go so far as saying that a buyer would really have to love their Harley in order to consider spending almost 6 figures on a pickup truck like this!

This time, Doug DeMuro managed to get his hands on the truck to see what it was all about. In this handy little review, DeMuro takes us inside and out, showing us every last square inch of this pickup and what it has to offer to the world. What exactly is it that makes this truck worth more than $30,000 over the sticker price of the base truck? Hopefully, this tour and review will stand to explain just that.