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How to Transform Beat Old Leather Seats Into Brand New Plush Luxury

Over the years, different components on our vehicles tend to wear out. As much as we might like our favorite vehicle to live on forever, unfortunately, that just isn’t the case in most instances. When a vehicle is heavily used on a regular basis, things can actually tend to wear out in a relatively quick fashion. Don’t fret, though, because depending on the wear and tear, there’s probably a pretty decent way to bring it back to life again! It’s not always all that difficult, either.

When it comes to the interior of, say, an old Chevrolet truck, some folks might look to the junkyard for replacement seats. This could be a very viable option as sometimes, low mileage crashed trucks can end up in the junkyard and the seats could be had at a decent price. However, for those who want a very fresh and new finish, there is another way of going about doing things.

This time, we check out a DIY that takes us deep inside of the world of seat covers. When some folks picture seat covers, they probably imagine something that doesn’t exactly fit right or look OEM at all. However, we have to inform you that, with the right set of seat covers and a little bit of TLC, seats can end up looking brand new and as if they came from the factory. Combined these custom-fit covers with a little bit of new foam and the seats will also perform as if they were brand new out-of-the-box!

By following along with the video below from LsxMatt on YouTube, we get the full rundown of how exactly a project like this unfolds. In addition, we grab a couple of key tips and tricks that really can help take a project like this to the next level to have an interior feeling brand new.

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