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First Look and Teardown of the 2020 Supra Power Plant – Better Than the 2JZ?

When the specs on the newest Toyota Supra came out, fans seemed to have mixed emotions. When they found out that the collaboration with BMW had heavy influence from the German automaker, watercooler talk got heated. You see, the Toyota Supra 2JZ, the last engine to power a Supra, was an absolute icon. In fact, we would probably go so far as to place it in the Mount Rushmore of legendary engines.

With that said, no matter what they came up with for the new Supra, it would probably be met with some hesitation. After all, it would be nearly impossible to live up to the almighty 2JZ. Even if this engine surpassed the 2JZ in every imaginable way, nostalgia would probably take over.

When push comes to shove, though, what is actually going on with the BMW B5830M1? Is this engine the disappointment that the dismal crowd has been calling it? Will it be able to fulfill the expectations of the optimist that wants to give it a chance? No matter which direction it takes off in, we have to admit that we’re just excited to spectate the ride. The fact that the Supra is back at all is an incredibly exciting adventure for the performance community.

This time, we join in with Papadakis Racing as they dig into the powerplant. As they note, the combination is much more modern in its engineering than the 2JZ. However, it still manages to share some similarities with the old combination. Could it possibly be better? Only time will tell that story. However, in this video that goes through it from top to bottom, the guys seem excited by the potential.

After checking out this one, be sure to check back with what your thoughts are on the new application? Are you excited to rocket into the space age with the B5830M1 or are you rocking with the 2JZ? – PapadakisRacing.