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2020 Toyota Supra MKV Drag Races Demon in the Sand – Desert Drags Gone Nuts!

When the 2020 Toyota Supra came out, it certainly came with lots of questions. There’s a lot to think about when unpackaging this beast of a legacy. On the heels of a massive hiatus, the Supra nameplate was something held in high regard. The last generation in the MKIV was enough to make any car enthusiast drop what they were doing. Even muscle car lovers had to take a second peek at a car meet. Therefore, the GR Supra would bear the heavy load of living up to one of the most legendary cars of all time.

The new rendition has been on the street for a couple of months now. It’s actually at the point where it’s beginning to be compared to just about everything that reviewers can get their hands on. If there’s one thing that we will certainly accept being accused of in the automotive community, it’s that we want to see how everything does against everything else. This is especially true in the high-performance corner.

Naturally, with the performance heritage that the Supra has, we have been itching to see comparisons. This time, though, we get a matchup that isn’t exactly what we normally have signed up for. In testing street performance on something like the Supra, we have come to expect a setting at something like a drag strip.

Instead, though, this Supra has rolled to the desert to take on some formidable opponents. In our favorite comparison here, we find the likes of the Dodge Demon and Supra blasting through the sand. In addition, a BMW E30 and a trophy truck are thrown in the mix to make things a little bit more interesting.

By following along with the video below, we can’t help but have a blast. These machines aren’t really designed for the desert. However, that’s exactly where they’re going to throw down in this one. Sure, the test might not really prove anything. However, it’s too much fun to not watch.