Ram FINALLY Unveiled the 2021 Rebel TRX and it’s Wilder Than we Expected

For those who are fans of fun driving instead of just getting from A to B, it really ...

For those who are fans of fun driving instead of just getting from A to B, it really looks like automakers have zoned back in on the concept. Apparently, cranking out a whole bunch of bland and boring economy vehicles isn’t going to quite get the job done any longer. Sure, these cheap cars might historically be the biggest money makers for major manufacturers. However, there has been a shift back toward investing time and effort into vehicles that are fun.

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One of the vehicles that fall into this category is the likes of the 2021 Ram Rebel TRX. Dodge has led the way in adrenaline-pumping performance with the likes of platforms like the Hellcat and Demon. This time, we get to witness the long-awaited introduction to the Rebel TRX sporting 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft from the 6.2L supercharged Hemi. These numbers make it the most powerful production pickup ever.

In fact, it’ll lay claim to the quickest, fastest, and a most powerful pickup truck on the road.

Not only is the truck powerful, but it has some features that make that power usable. For starters, the 8-speed automatic transmission, complete with paddle shifters, should make this thing a fun yet an efficient blast to drive. Also included, we find ab air intake that makes considerations for dusty environments. Meanwhile, a baffled oil pan and oil circuit will help oil flow when the truck isn’t exactly on level terrain

The video presentation of the desert blasting street-legal trophy truck is likely to excite most people with a pulse. From there, the specs really back this thing up to reinforce that it’s going to be a strong competitor to the Ford Raptor.

The truck borrows features from the likes of the SRT lineup inside and even has the massive 12-inch touchscreen in the center console. In other words, this truck isn’t going to be all performance and leave the interior to be. Instead, it seems to strive to deliver on every axis that it possibly can.

Tech onboard also includes a reaction timer, quarter-mile timer, 0-60 and 0-100 acceleration timers, g-force meter, and a dyno page.

As far as off-road performance, the features are abundant. Some of our favorites include a 2.5-inch lift and a suspension designed for stability off the beaten path along with an electronic locking differential.

Notable specs include 11.85 inches of ground clearance and 32 inches of water fording ability along with 13 and 14 inches of wheel travel in the front and rear, respectively.

The video below lays out the road map to really paint the entire picture of what makes the Rebel TRX a truck to watch in 2021.

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