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The 2021 Ram Power Wagon 75th Edition is the Luxury Off-Road Pickup That Dreams Are Made Of

When the pickup truck originally rolled onto the market, it was a very different beast than it is today. In fact, we might argue that, outside of the basic structure of the truck, there isn’t really all that much that remains the same, even when considering the pickups of the early 2000s. Sure, just like old school pick up trucks, modern pickup trucks are built with getting the job done in mind. Whether that job is loading up the bed with lumber or pulling a trailer, the functionality still exists.

However, in 2020 and beyond, manufacturers are really expected to go above and beyond with their offerings. It’s no longer acceptable to the consumer to simply offer a truck that’s going to get the job done. Even the most basic trucks generally have upgraded technology that would make a top trim level machine from a couple of decades ago look incredibly antiquated.

Where we really see the biggest difference, though, is with the top-tier machines. Along the way somewhere, somebody in the automotive industry stumbled upon the fact that even pickup truck drivers like to have their fair share of luxury. With that, inside of all sorts of different pickups, we find similar features to what one would find in a top-tier luxury vehicle. In fact, there are certain situations where pickup truck manufacturers might invest even higher quality into their trucks than some manufacturers that have historically targeted the luxury segment.

This time, with the help of The Fast Lane, we get to see what that means in the 2021 model year. Down in the video below, they take on the 2021 Ram Power Wagon that celebrates the 75th anniversary of the model. Our host here argues that this is the luxury off-road truck that dreams are made of. It might even be safe to say that perhaps the 2021 Power Wagon is the complete package and then some.


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