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2021 Silverado Package to Offer More Horsepower Than a Shelby GT500

In 2020, the concept of the muscle truck seems to be alive and well. Some of these creations are coming straight from major manufacturers themselves. Watching concepts like the Ford Raptor and Ram Rebel TRX unfold in front of us can be rather interesting. Piecing together high performance with street trucks is just a combination that is always going to garner our attention.

Beyond the factory offerings, though, we find another interesting lineup of trucks that is also intriguing. Every once in a while, we will see a dealer option pop up that takes a platform and spices up a little bit. With the help of companies known as the “second stage vehicle manufacturers,” we can see some wild concepts come to life.

This also helps out General Motors fans as it seems like the brand has forgotten about the performance truck.

Essentially, these companies sit somewhere in between factory performance and the aftermarket. While the trucks are beefed up beyond what the manufacturer does, it’s a little bit closer to the factory than if someone simply took their truck to a performance shop. That’s exactly what we see with the manufacturer that goes by the name of Specialty Vehicle Engineering.

The same company that has brought the GMC Syclone nameplate back to life is now heading toward the land of the Chevrolet Silverado. With the help of a hefty LT1 build topped with a centrifugal supercharger, they crank the Silverado all the way up to an astonishing 800 hp.

To back it all up, supporting mods like a heavy-duty transmission will help to get the power to the wheels. If you’re still not convinced, the whole ordeal comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty for a little piece of insurance.

By following along with the video below from BigKleib34We get to dig into what this truck is truly all about. At the end of the day, there aren’t too many trucks making this much power that come with a warranty! The Yenko SC is truly a special beast of a pickup.