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2022 SVE Syclone With 750-HP V8 And AWD + Cold Start

Ever since the year of 1991, we thought that the model was a goner aside from the few examples produced in 1992 before going defunct. While the Syclone still is popular among enthusiasts, GMC hasn’t uttered a peep of bringing it back. This is where Specialty Vehicle Engineering stepped in and decided that they’d take a crack at it. These are the same folks that bring us everything Yenko. We have to admit that a project from someone like SVE that’s aiming at a new Syclone has our blood pumping. So, what is this thing going to be all about?


SVE upped the ante when it released last year’s “new” Canyon-based Syclone with a supercharged V6 that made 455 horsepower. In the year that has since passed, SVE decided to go beyond the heritage of the V6 powerplant and replace it with a supercharged V8. The new engine will give the 2022 Syclone, again based on the Canyon, a whopping 750 horsepower. The 2021 model will also have an all-wheel drive like the original.

That’s all the information the teaser provides, but an accompanying video preview of what the truck will sound like. Based on the short clip, the exhaust will have a hearty bark to match its beefy heart. Check out the videos below.

For those looking for the cherry on the sundae, some of the attention to detail really caps this thing off. SVE tells us that ” A Stainless Steel Cat-Back Dual Exit Exhaust System increases performance

while providing a true sports-car-like, SVE also swaps out the original wheels for a 20-inch forged aluminum set with a black satin finish you’ll also notice on the exhaust tips. The alloys also feature a red pinstripe and come wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tires measuring 285/45 R20 at both axles. Retro-flavored badges are added inside and out, along with a hood insert with louvers and an optional folding tonneau cover.

Cold Start