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2023 Ford Raptor R vs Ram TRX – Muscle Truck DRAG RACE

If there’s one trend that we can’t help but get behind, it’s that of the performance pickup truck. When all hope seemed to be lost for those who are fans of large displacement and forced induction, out came Ram with its TRX that shoehorned Hellcat architecture under the hood of the brand’s 1500 series pickup that is tried and true. Toss in a few off-road friendly modifications that mirror Ford’s Raptor and you have yourself the formula to convince the competition to step up his game as well.

One of the most recent manufacturers to throw their hat into the ring of this high displacement madness is Ford. Of course, prior to the Ram TRX even coming out, the blue oval did offer the Ford Raptor. However, fans have been crying out for a supercharged V8 version of the Raptor ever since Ford elected to go away from the V8 altogether and shoehorn a twin-turbo V6 under the hood of their performance truck offering.

A couple of years later and apparently, Ford heard the pleas from its customer base as the Ford Raptor R is born. Much like the TRX shares architecture with the muscle car from under the same roof, the Raptor R shares a power source with the Shelby GT500, giving this thing 700 horsepower of its own to play with.

Below, in the comparison and drag race from Vehicle Virgins we get to see both of these majestic beasts roar to life as they attempt to go at one another for the crown. With the help of our host, we get to check in with the TRX as it goes to war with the truck that seems to have inspired it. So, is the protégé better than the master or will the original big dog reign supreme?

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