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259.96MPH 1/2 Mile World Record! UGR Drag 965 2500whp+ Huracan

Let’s take a look at some numbers:

2,500 – the approximate number of rear-wheel horsepower produced by the twin-turbocharged DRAG 965 Lamborghini Huracan built and campaigned by Underground Racing.

13 – the approximate number of seconds it took the DRAG 965 Huracan to cover the standing half mile and last weekend’s Shift S3ctor event in Indiana.

259.96 – the exact speed the Huracan reached as it screamed through the timers at the top end of the half-mile course, yet another world record for UGR and DRAG 965.

0 – the number of people in attendance whose jaw didn’t hit the ground when the speed popped up at the end of the Huracan’s world record pass.

There really isn’t much to say about this car that hasn’t been said countless times. Underground Racing is damn good at what they do and they just keep finding ways to make their customer’s cars faster and faster. While it’s pretty common to see cars at this power level struggling to maintain traction and keep the car in the center of the lane, it seems that UGR has found the magic balance between power and management, allowing the driver to keep his foot planted and the tires to maintain traction. As you can see, that makes for some brutal, but drama-free, acceleration.

YouTuber TalonTSi97 captured both runs, starting with a “shakedown” run – the term shakedown used very loosely – where the car hit 257 MPH, followed by the run that would put up the record number of 259.96 MPH, literally just fractions of a MPH from the vaunted 260 MPH mark.

Look for UGR to hit that number soon, possibly as soon as the next half mile event they attend. With summer drawing to an end, cooler weather should make for even more power, so it seems all but inevitable that number will fall any day now, and smart money is on UGR to be the crew to make it happen.


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