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2700 HP Turbo Vipers Rule the World at FL2K

There are a couple of combinations in the motorsports world that remain the material that legends are made of.

Around the community, we find some builders that are synonymous with making massive power. In the world of the SRT Viper, Calvo Motorsports would definitely be one of those candidates. They just crank out so many machines that create brutal horsepower and make their way to insane speeds. It’s almost tough to wrap our minds around just how quickly some of these cars accelerate as the driver lays into the throttle and fades into the horizon, becoming nothing more than a speck in just seconds.

This time, the crew from That Racing Channel is chasing down a couple of Calvo Vipers. Luckily, they were able to catch them out at the FL2K event this year. At the event, Calvo had several Vipers out. Each of them is good for over 2000 hp with some pushing 2700 hp! When we throw in the fact that all of them have a boost on board and sequentially shifting transmissions, this is guaranteed to be a blast.

The screaming sound of some of these builds is awesome enough. Adding the quick-shifting nature of the sequential transmission just takes things to an all-new level. At the end of the day, in the quarter-mile roll racing format, the machines manage to crank out over 180 mph. We’re not sure about you but in that short of a distance, 180 is absolutely flying if you ask us.

Below, we get to dig into the cars a little bit more to see what they’re all about. These things are almost a product of folklore as it seems impossible to be that quick. However, with a good builder behind the wrenches, anything is possible. Time and time again, we can’t help but be impressed with these creations.

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