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Absolute Chaos Unfolds as Out-of-Control Yacht Plays Demolition Derby in a Crowded Marina

Absolute Chaos Unfolds as Out-of-Control Yacht Plays Demolition Derby in a Crowded Marina

If there’s one thing that a lot of people who are just getting into boating might not realize, it’s that things can evolve and get dangerous in a hurry out there on the water. One moment, everything is going smoothly. However, the next, everything is simply flipped upside down. We can’t quite say for sure what is going to happen. However, when the water is involved, things can definitely snowball in a dangerous direction. It’s incredibly easy to get in over your head as someone in control of a boat.

We aren’t necessarily trying to scare anybody out of boating. However, it’s very important to be aware of your surroundings and what’s going on. This time, we check in with an unlikely situation that really encapsulates what danger on the water looks like. These results might not be typical. However, it’s kind of important to know how to react to a situation like this. Having a good head on your shoulders can protect you from injury or worse.

The video posted over on Facebook by Suncoast Aerials doesn’t come with much context. However, what we can say for sure is that the boat pictured in this video is downright out of control. It’s unclear if the driver has simply made some massive error in one way or another or if it’s a mechanical failure. The result is pure chaos, though, as the flybridge cruiser seems to be powering around the marina without very much direction. Instead, the random path here has us wondering where the vessel is going to go. Could it run aground or potentially hit another boat next? Is some poor person going to get in the way of this chaotic yacht?

Below, we’re able to check out the clip in its entirety. While the details were sparse, perhaps someone with a little bit of a detective’s eye will be able to tell what exactly it was that caused this crazy day at the marina.



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