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Car With 3 Engines Has Been Stretched For A 4th

For most of us, we don’t have time or resources to be able to carry out crazy experiments for fun. However, thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube, there are plenty of channels that do just that. These channels have found a way to make it their business to go out there and play all day. One example of a crew that knocks out some of the craziest experiments that we have come across in the automotive world is that of the Garage 54 YouTube channel. These guys go above and beyond to make sure that they come up with the most entertaining debauchery they can.

In a recent video, we caught up with a contraption they put together in a vehicle that featured three engines. Naturally, most of us are probably trying to picture this in our heads so basically, the structure of the vehicle is a front engine design as most vehicles are. The way the engines are stacked linearly is anything but traditional, though. A quick session on the dyno rollers actually proved that, while this might not be the most efficient setup in the world, it absolutely is viable in some capacity. Who would’ve thought?

In this one, the vehicle that had three engines has been extended to support yet another. It has us wondering where the craziness will end. Will the car be able to continue to operate with four engines pushing power through the gearbox? There are so many questions that come up along the way. With the display below, Garage 54 will be sure to answer at least some of them. By the end of the video, though, we would venture to think there will still be more questions than answers to be had. Hopefully, this isn’t the last expansion that we get to witness!