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3-Mile Runway vs 8 of the Fastest Civics in America – World’s Greatest Drag Race (Modified Edition)

If you’ve never seen a “World’s Greatest Drag Race” video as put out by the crew over at Motor Trend, basically the premise is that they take a bunch of cars that everybody wants to see go head to head and they make the competition even bigger by sticking them all out on a runway at the same time. Normally, you’ll just see two maybe three cars in one race in a straight line if you’re lucky and this time, we get a whole bunch of them going at it simultaneously as they’re slapped down on a 3-mile-long runway and given the opportunity to go out at it in the quarter mile with a vengeance.

Now, most of the time, these videos are done with factory performance cars, giving potential buyers and gawkers alike the opportunity to see just how a car that they might be wanting to purchase can stack up against the rest of the cars in its class in one of the most primal forms of racing that there is. However, this time, we get to see a little twist thrown in the mix. Instead of factory performance machines, this time, we get to look at a collection of Honda Civic racing machines. However, these aren’t just any Civics as they have been modified and can be called some of the fastest in the entire world. I know that it’s easy to think of a Civic with a certain reputation for someone who might be a little bit louder than they are fast, but these cars are certainly no joke as they really bring a heavy hand into the equation.

Ride along in the video down below as you’ll be exposed to some of the fastest Civics in the world. Some of these machines have been known for reaching out and getting close to touching that 200 mph mark so it’s bound to be good when you put them all head-to-head… to head in a situation like this. Which one of these cars will reign supreme and receive the prize of a brand-new car once they get to the end of the race? Well, the only way to it is to just do it so hop into the video down below to see just that for yourself after getting acquainted with these cars and being told what exactly it is that makes them so special.

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