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3 Ways To Roll Your Fenders

When it comes to getting the perfect amount of tire width under your car, sometimes, rolling the fenders might be necessary so that there isn’t any uncalled for rubbing going on underneath your ride. This time, we get a little DIY method training on how to take care of the task at hand.

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you try any of these methods on a car that you care about. Taking it to a professional is always a better option than something like this but if you absolutely must try the sketchy way then this is it!

With the use of a hammer with a block of wood, a telephone book, and even a baseball bat, this guy hops to the task of rolling his fenders that he claims aren’t in the best shape anyway. This is probably a perfect candidate for this kind of job!

Check out the methods below and tell us if you have tried any of them out for yourself and tell us if this is something that you would recommend to other folks who are looking to have their fenders rolled.

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