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This girl changes a tire without arms, she’s got skills

These days on the web, lots of people arguing back and forth will provide some turmoil but amongst all of the negative, there are still some positive and inspirational stories out there. With something as seemingly simple as a video of changing a tire, we found ourselves to be completely motivated.

Now, as you could probably imagine, this isn’t just any old tire change. For YouTuber, Tisha UnArmedshe manages to head out and get to the task without arms. Even though she starts off with a handicap that would seem to completely prevent someone from carrying out this task, she won’t let this obstacle deter her in the least.

With a little bit of guidance from important people in her life, Tisha gets down to it, using the best of what she has to remove the wheel and tire from her car and replace it with another. If she can do this, then you surely can get over whatever obstacle it is that’s facing you these days.

Check out the video below that allows Tisha to show off exactly how she would go about getting such a job done. Even when the road seems to have many twists and turns, with enough determination you can do anything!