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3000 HP Ford Powered Chevy Nova Barn Find Goes Racing

One look at the landscape at Drag Week had all sorts of different machines going at it. From a five-second pass, the first ever in the history of Drag Week to a minivan with two engines, we saw the likes of just about every sort of drag racing machine imaginable this year. Some of the machines would go at it with the “tried and true” mindset. After all, with a long and grueling journey ahead of them, perhaps this combination would be the easiest to participate in Drag Week with. On the other hand, though, we certainly saw some unique builds rise to the top of our attention.

This time, we checked out one that certainly popped out from the group. While this Chevrolet Nova was impressive, there was one factor about it that really made it a must-see machine. In Pro Mod standing, the Nova really looked like it was swinging a heavy stick. However, what most people on the premises probably didn’t know was that the car was powered by Ford.

That’s right, in the world that seems to only take Chevrolet power plants and stick them in Ford bodies, we saw an engine swap going the opposite direction. I have to admit that even as an LS fan, seeing something like this is truly refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I can drool over a proper LS swap all day. However, going in the opposite direction gave us a little taste of what we’ve come to love about this event. There are all sorts of people trying out all sorts of different things during the race.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with not only a Ford swapped Nova. Instead, it’s a Ford swapped nova that is making over 3000 hp. Up until drag week, it was sitting in the corner of a barn as well!

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