3,200+ HP Procharged Camaro Absolutely Slays the Dyno

When it comes to making cars go fast, the dyno can be a very valuable tool. With that ...

When it comes to making cars go fast, the dyno can be a very valuable tool. With that in mind, the dyno room at FuelTech can get rather busy sometimes. In it, we find some of the quickest cars that the world has to offer. The vast majority of them are making at least four digits in power and that’s just entry-level.

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This time, we follow along with the machine that has been on the leading edge of performance. The Pro Mod 69 Camaro that we find on the dyno this time was put together to show just how quick a ProCharger can go. Up to this point in time, the operation has been rather successful. In fact, Kevin Rivenbark would wheel the Team Galot Camaro to become the first to the 3.50s on radials at last year’s Lights Out 10.

Being the best isn’t where they plan to stop, though. After all, even the best have to keep on developing their game in order to cement their position at the top. This time, the crew is looking to do some R&D to see just how much faster they can push the machine on radials. After all, in the world of drag racing, records are falling left and right. Staying stagnant is a good way to make sure that you get left behind.

With that in mind, the ProLine crew was on hand to make sure that everything was just right. The casual drag racing fan might not notice just how much goes into making a record happen. However, everything from the power creation all the way to the suspension needs to be dialed in just right. If anything is even hair off, you can kiss the record goodbye. There are a lot of incredibly talented people with a lot of money looking to plow through these records. Therefore, we can see how competitive this form of racing is and why it’s a sight to see when a record falls.

By following along with the video below, we can learn a little bit more about how the crew is staying ahead of the game. As they make pull after pull on the dyno to make adjustments, the Camaro continuously likes to deliver 3,000+ horsepower. It’s certainly something that could wake someone up in the morning! – FuelTech

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