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$32M Elevator ride with the 2018 Ford GT at the Porsche Design Tower

The guys from Drag Times have really started taking things to the next level, and today that’s meant quite literally as well as figuratively. After Brooks hops in his new Ford GT for an early morning Supercar Saturday exotic car meet, he heads to the insane Porsche Design Tower, an opulent condo complex we’ve brought you a little info about in the past. Now the construction of the tower itself is completed, Brooks brings us along for an up-close look at the complex itself, including a tour of the $32 million 20,000 square foot penthouse.

For most of us, the coolest aspect of the tower is the fact that, unlike any other condo complex that we’ve ever seen, this building sends your car up to the room, allowing you to quite literally drive your car into your condo and back out. The elevator ride starts with a ride on the turntable, which spins the car around so the elevator’s automated car caddy can slide out from the elevator itself and grabs the car – very delicately beneath the tires – and retracts it into the actual elevator.

From there, the lift heads up to the designated floor. Upon arrival, the elevator will have calculated the angle at which to line up the car to make sure there isn’t another ride in the way, so the caddy can slide out and drop the car off in one of eleven designated parking spots. As you can see, once the car is parked inside the turntable, the driver’s role is simply to sit inside and wait while the elevator handles everything else.

Once Brooks reaches the top floor penthouse, we get a tour of the luxury suite, which is still being finished to the owner’s specifications. The rooms that are finished are nothing short of stunning, especially the bathroom that features an automated toilet and a shower with a view of the ocean far below.

With the tour concluded, Brooks loads up and heads back down, where the GT awaits thanks to the fully automated elevator. The video ends with some great B-reel footage of the day, and we can’t wait to see what kind of adventures Drag Times takes us on next!

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