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Redneck Ingenuity – Motorized Shopping Cart Fueling Up at the Gas Station

We may have a reputation for being slow thinkers, but you can’t deny us southerners are problem solvers and creative thinkers, using whatever we have at our disposal to out advantage whenever needed.

This Jefferson City, Tennessee native apparently had some stuff laying around the house and decided that he was going to start piecing things together and see what he could come up with. The finished product is nothing short of cool, if a tad bit on the sketchy side.

What you’re looking at is exactly what you don’t want to beleive. This guy took a shopping cart like you’d find at your local grocery store and fitted it with a small gas engine to make it, literally, a drivable shopping cart. While the engine looks and sounds like a pretty basic small engine like you might find on a small mower or tiller for the garden. That wouldn’t typically be something we would be all that impressed with, but you have to keep in mind that this cart might weigh 100 pounds or so, plus the driver isn’t that big a guy so pushing around 250 pounds with a lawnmower engine seems to work pretty well.

You can tell the people recording him are skeptical at best, not really sure what to think bout seeing the contraction filling up at the gas station. However, their disbelief turns to amusement as the driver fires up his cart and drives off happily as if its completely normal.

That’s because down here, it kind of is. We see things like this all the time. When I was a kid, I had a motorized Radio Flyer wagon that was similar to this, although it had a much lower center of gravity so it would be relatively safer and had a nice bright red paint job. But the concept remains, taking something and making it more, or better, without overanalyzing and overengineering. We just get the job done!