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3D Printed Steering Wheel Clips Right On Your Xbox Controller

With a little bit of investment, getting a 3D printer can be a very fruitful way to spend your money. If you take a quick look online, you’ll find that there are tons of files out there just waiting for you to download them and try out a bunch of different creations for yourself as somebody has put in the time and effort to make an original creation. Heck, you could even come up with files yourself. It’s pretty neat how you can just synthesize something completely from nothing right in you’re very at home and take a crack at printing something useful that can be custom tailored to your exact situation all without having to go out and buy it.

This time, we check out a pretty neat creation that clips right onto your Xbox controller, perhaps enhancing the way that you play the game when you’re getting ready to plug in your favorite driving simulator. Essentially, what the creation does is takes the functionality of a joystick and changes it into a steering wheel, giving you the feel of being behind the wheel of a car without having to go all out and purchase the full racing simulator controls. Sure, it might not be quite as authentic but when you look up the investment amount of about $15 to buy the finished product on Etsy, it might just be worth a shot.

If you follow along down the video below, you get to see this very creation unfold right in front of your eyes as a couple of 3D printed pieces manage to snap together and paint a cohesive picture that may just have you wanting to try this thing out for yourself. Some of the comments that we see here say that it’s simply not something that people think would be very intuitive to use, however, we think that it would be pretty neat to give this little gizmo a shot.