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48 Foot UFO Powerboat Goes Huge And Jumps Off a Yachts Wakes!

Hang on to your throttle levers, boys and girls. We’re about to go for a heck of a ride! We’re going aboard the UFO, a 48 foot catamaran powered by not one, but two 1350 horsepower Mercury Racing engines. That means this monster vessel has a total of 2,700 horsepower on tap, and the driver seems to have nothin but speed on the brain as he shreds across the water and was looks to be well over the triple-digit speed threshold.

Luckily there were several cameras running to capture what happened next, as it would have been hard to make anybody believe it if you tried to explain it to them. As the boat, named UFO for very good reason, approaches the wake of a yacht cruising the lake you can see it begins to bounce. Seemingly finding a perfect rhythm to catch the wake just right, the massive powerboat takes one small hop and slams the leading wave of the sizable wake and quite literally leaps into the air, flying what looks to be a few dozen feet before landing back on the surface of the lake.

Watching the stunt from the UFO’s perspective, you can see just how high the nose of the craft got once it took flight, the nose pitching high into the air as the boat rotated several degrees on it’s axis as well. While the landing was fairly smooth, just a couple of small differences here or there could have ended in disaster, especially considering that the boat’s operator isn’t even wearing a life vest as he pulls off the massive jump.

It’s not immediately obvious if the jump was supposed to happen at all, or if the driver was looking to put on a show when he saw the yacht cruising ahead of him. Either way, since we know he landed it, we can say this jump is pretty badass. Hopefully next time he takes flight in the UFO, he’ll have all these cameras up and running and capture it all again.