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5 Interesting Facts About The Foxbody Mustang!

If you ask around the automotive community about what one of the most popular and easy to grab vehicles are that also provides some of the most upsides per dollar of any car that you can grab at such a modest price point, many folks will refer to the Foxbody Ford Mustang. This thing has really proven to be a staple of the automotive community, bringing to the table so many options for modification and such a good jumping off point to start your build from, all at a modest price point that can be jumped into by most enthusiasts. I think that it’s kind of a car that we have all learned to take for granted even when there’s so much to appreciate.

This time, we stop in with the owner of a Mustang who’s getting ready to school us on some of the nuances that you might not have known about this generation of Mustang but after hearing them, you’ll never be able to forget. As it turns out, there are a lot of small little features or big factors about the car that people seem to not really know about as common knowledge or might just skim over, including the differences between the years of the car or the space (or lack thereof) that’s offered up in the cabin for those of us who are a bit taller.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to ride along in such a car and learn a couple of things that you might have never previously known about one of the machines that have really worked its way into being an icon in the world of performance. The next time that you come across a Foxbody, you might just remember how important a car like this has really been to the world of performance.