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5 of the Most Extreme Boats You Need to See to Believe

As it currently sits, we’re used to seeing boats in a certain capacity. From specialty fishing boats to luxury cruisers, browsing around the internet will yield plenty of these vessels.

However, just like on land, there are incredible specialty vessels that have been built as well. These vessels might be designed to do something like hit breaking waves at 70 mph. On the other hand, some might even have a hydraulic suspension for other specific purposes like firing weapons accurately. At the end of the day, the only limits to these sorts of boats are the imagination and engineering abilities of those behind them. When they come to life, some of them almost look like something out of a comic book or action movie.

This time, we take the opportunity to dive into five of the most extreme boats lurking around all corners of the world. Naturally, these vessels probably won’t be for everybody. However, each and every one of them seems to present a unique idea that could be widely implemented into boats of the future. Even if they aren’t, watching a boat with night vision that can blast through rough seas with water tightness is still pretty neat. I think that all of these provide a certain fun factor that we just don’t find on the common boat market.

By following along down below, we get the grand tour of some of the most incredible vessels that the world has to offer. All of these might not be the biggest luxury yachts on earth, but they definitely fall into a category that makes them incredibly interesting to sink our teeth into.

Which one of these vessels do you see yourself behind the controls of? Personally, we’re kind of liking those vehicle transport vessels. Never know when you’re going to want to take your sports car with you!