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5 “Totaled” Supercars With Almost No Damage Selling Super Cheap At Auction

There’s one thing we’ve noticed about the secondhand automobile market: There’s a lot of money to be made. If this seems like an obvious statement, maybe it is. The less obvious is perhaps that sometimes, that money comes from incredibly unlikely sources.

It’s not always the most popular and pristine vehicle that’s going to turn the biggest profit. Sometimes, well, a lot of times, it’s all about finding that diamond in the rough. This can also be where some of the most exciting stories are living. Who knows what a high end ride has been through to get to where it is today? Who knows if it’ll be able to be revived and live on in another garage?

It seems like some of the most interesting stories in all of automotive culture are sitting somewhere in a Copart auction. Essentially, these auctions house cars that are damaged or further destroyed. However, every once in a while, the insurance companies are forced to total vehicles for reasons that might honestly be a little bit absurd. It leaves us to wonder how some of these things ended up totaled in the first place. Whether it is because of a broken windshield or maybe a slight crack on a panel that’s expensive to replace, some real bargains can be found in the junkyard.

By following along with the video below, we get the inside guide of five different supercars that have been deemed totaled. However, as one might have guessed, the reasons that they have been totaled aren’t always the most obvious. Out of these finds, there are certainly some good opportunities to get a great deal. Which one of these machines do you think has the most upside? Some might be a risk. Others could be a great project at an even better price. We think that one or two of these machines have a chance to make someone a happy owner!